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Streamline scheduling and reduce manpower required

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What is CaseREACH?

An easy-to-use application linked to your existing Electronic Health Records (EHR) to assign and field-manage mobile patient support staff, e.g., coordinators and case managers. CaseREACH uses predictive analytics to fine-tune assignments. It reduces required scheduling manpower; streamlines the patient experience; and helps to meet operational and financial goals set by your organization.

CaseREACH supports:

How does it work?

CaseREACH provides detailed insight into your mobile patient resources through a real-time schedule management portal combined with a documentation and analytics platform all connected to your Electronic Health Records (EHR).

CaseREACH™ then becomes a central location to view and document information on your clients from virtually any mobile device. It also will allow customized data collection fields tailored to your organization and provide analytics to better schedule staff and actually anticipate the needs of clients.

How does it help?

CaseREACH™ interconnects functionality and screen views for all concerned — schedulers, caseworkers in the field and administrators (with a performance monitoring dashboard). With it, CHW programs can standardize documentation and use analytics to improve decision-making resulting in more efficient staff scheduling. In real life applications it has significantly reduced the time and effort to schedule mobile resources.

How complicated is it to use?

CaseREACH™ can be directly integrated with your EHR or can be provided as a standalone application. CaseREACH works with virtually any mobile device.

Features and Benefits

Manage, monitor, and meet program enrollee needs

Maintain continuity of care

Gain program insights for continuous improvement

Ability to integrate directly with the EHR

Significantly reduces scheduling/staffing effort

Configurable forms and workflows

Role-based access for staff

HIPAA compliant and secure

Embedded decision support

Balance resources and workload

Streamlined processes for staff