Closed Loop Triage Dashboard

Artificial Intelligence for the Emergency Department

Drive process improvement across multiple levels of the E.D.

Stocastic’s Closed Loop Triage Dashboard ties triage decisions to operational and clinical outcomes in near real-time to drive process improvement across multiple levels for E.D. leaders and front-line clinicians.

  • Integrates directly with your Electronic Health Record (i.e., Epic, Cerner) updated in near real-time
  • Drill-down visualizations for both at-a-glance patient trending and deep-dive root cause analysis
  • Customized – designed with your team and our clinical and engineering experts
  • Offered on a subscription basis – includes set-up, initial training, and ongoing support

PATIENT LEVEL: Bring outlier patient cases to the top for systemic improvement

  • Screen to the patient visit level for case study reviews
  • Improve data input by identifying patterns such as complaint specificity

NURSE DETAIL: Real-time insight at the clinician level

  • Track nurse triage decision making over time
  • Support staff education by identifying triage outliers by case or clinician
  • Segment by time period, condition, or patient characteristics for staff-wide education

DEPARTMENT TRENDS: View triage acuity distribution vs. TriageGO™ recommendations

  • Acuity distribution trends vs. TriageGO™ by time period, condition, or patient characteristics
  • Identify opportunities for continuous improvement

Stocastic merges healthcare analytics, operations, information technology, and clinical expertise to provide decision-support solutions to hospital emergency departments. Gain real-time decision support and drive process improvement across multiple levels – embedded directly into your EHR.

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