Digital Model of patient flow through the health system

What is the Digital Health

System Simulation?

A digital model of patient flow that relates patient demand and system capacity to access-based performance measures such as ED boarding time and PACU boarding time. The model quantifies alignment between patient demand and capacity, enabling testing of future-state operational scenarios for strategic planning purposes.

How the Digital Health System Simulation Works

The model is built using a complement of statistical methods such as discrete-event simulation and regression. The model accepts detailed inputs that describe patient demand, patient routing, and health system capacity. Models are built using client-specific retrospective data readily available in EHRs to establish baselines. Scenarios are then run by changing input variables and tracking the changes to output performance measures.

The Value of the Digital Health System Simulation

  • Test the value of interventions before deploying resources to implement change

  • such as:

    • Staffing changes

    • Addition of services on the weekends (PT/OT, Echo)

    • Imaging or ancillary service turnaround

    • Discharge-focused rounds

    • Discharge lounge deployment or optimization

  • Quantify the effects of strategic planning initiatives

  • Plan capacity needs before renovations and new building planning


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