Electronic Community Health Resource Deployment System

What is E-CaseLink?

An electronic health record (EHR) linked scheduling support application to deploy mobile patient support staff such as community health workers, interpreters, coordinators, or case managers. The application uses predictive analytic methods to guide optimal patient-resource assignments that (1) reduces scheduling burden, (2) enhances the patient experience, and (3) drives operational and financial goals specific to your organization.

How E-CaseLink Works

E-CaseLink is comprised of a (1) web-based schedule management portal that’s linked to a (2) staff portal to view individual schedules using a mobile device. E-CaseLink imports outpatient appointments and other patient healthcare system contacts (e.g., ED, OR, inpatient) into the scheduling platform. The management portal recommends eligible staff resources (e.g., community health workers, interpreters) to organizational schedulers that are assigned within the application. These recommendations are based on data-driven algorithms built to achieve goals identified by your organization such as - continuity of care, workload balancing, and minimizing the need for agency resources. E-CaseLink integrates functionality and views for schedulers, resources in the field, and administrators (performance monitoring dashboard).

The Value of E-CaseLink

  • Preserve continuity of care

  • Reduce the time schedulers spend assigning resources

  • Balance workload of the resource team

  • Optimize the team to reduce agency needs


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