Electronic Length of Stay Prediction Tool

What is E-LOS?

An electronic health record (EHR) embedded tool that predicts patients’ expected discharge time in real-time. Predictions are integrated into the hospital’s patient tracking board and patients’ record to enable hospital-wide prioritization of tasks/resources required to expedite discharge.

How E-LOS Works

Machine learning technology securely extracts demographic, clinical and provider order data accumulating over-time to automatically predict patients’ expected discharge date. E-LOS leverages the existing EHR system to enable an operational best practice to improve patient flow, while minimizing clinician coordination time and effort required. The tool is easily customizable to hospitals’ unique patient populations, practice patterns, and organizational objectives.

The Value of E-LOS

  • Reduces patient length-of-stay, drives early discharge, and increases patient flow

  • Increased capacity for additional volume under the same cost structure

  • Variable cost savings due to decreased resource utilization per patient

  • Capital expansion avoidance due to unlocking latent capacity

  • Provides the clinician team a readily available discharge target which can guide the plan of care and be communicated to the patient

  • Provides support to limit ‘failed’ observations in the emergency department (ED)

  • Reduces downstream patient flow metrics in the ED (boarding, wait time, LWBS) and OR (holds, PACU length-of-stay) by unlocking inpatient capacity


  • Predictions are more accurate than those provided by clinician huddles.

  • Demonstrated across diverse care settings.

  • Best practices proven to reduce length-of-stay and downstream patient flow metrics in the ED and OR


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