Electronic Appointment No-Show Prediction Tool

What is E-NoShow

An electronic health record (EHR) integrated tool that links predictions of patient no-show with optimal scheduling to improve provider productivity and reduce patient no-show rates. The predictive tool uses routinely available data in the EHR to identify high-risk no show patients in real-time (point of scheduling) to pro-actively guide smart scheduling and/or targeted outreach to enhance patient access.


How E-NoShow Works

E-No-Show leverages machine learning to predict appointments that are most likely to result in a no-show. In real-time it recommends optimal scheduling (e.g., appointment blocks and scheduling lag) customized to each clinic’s needs to mitigate no-shows, open new appointments, and enable targeted outreach. No-shows are costly in many ways:

  1. patients that should be seen do not receive care

  2. physician productivity is negatively impacted

  3. new and return patient access is unnecessarily constrained

StoCastic customizes the E-NoShow tool using the clinic’s individual data to the objectives and improvement interventions of each clinic.

The Value of E-NoShow

  • Enables targeted outreach to patients

  • Increases provider productivity while maintaining patient experience

  • Increases patient access with evidence-based scheduling strategies


  • Decrease in overall no-show rate

  • Increase in add-on appointments and access


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