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AI Support for Patient Scheduling

Predicts likeliest no-shows among scheduled appointments

Permits “smart” scheduling to account for no-shows and increase resource utilization

Increases patient access by opening new appointments

Provides advance warning of probable no-show for targeted outreach

What is KnowSHOW?

KnowSHOW provides real-time predictions of your likeliest patient no-shows. First, it identifies and flags upcoming patients at greater risk of not keeping their appointments. This enables them to be contacted well in advance, reminded and possibly assisted. Second, KnowSHOW permits “smart” scheduling strategies to add scheduled appointments and decrease patient waiting. This ensures that clinician time and clinic resources are more fully used.

How does it work?

KnowSHOW uses artificial intelligence to examine patient, appointment and clinic factors that are predictive of patient no-shows. It also examines each patient’s health record to consider other variables such as those mentioned above.

How can it help?

The result is a highly predictive tool that allows your staff to: contact, remind and assist patients who may have difficulties keeping their appointments; reduce no-shows overall; and make fuller use of your clinic’s available time and resources.

How complicated is it to use?

KnowSHOW can be built right into your EHR or can be provided as a standalone report depending on your needs. No extra data input is necessary.

Features and Benefits

Identify no-show patients in advance

34% Increase in weekly add-on appointments

Launch smart scheduling for in-person and telehealth appointments

$340K Increase in estimated revenue from weekly add-on visits

Supplement interventions to help patients keep their appointments, e.g., ride-share, focused reminder calls

25% Increase in total weekly visits