Artificial Intelligence for the Emergency Department

A New Decision Support Tool That Helps Your Staff Improve Triage Accuracy

Real-World Results — Unclogs Your Waiting Room

  • TriageGO™ is a new Artificial Intelligence decision support tool currently in-use at major US Hospitals including Yale New Haven and Johns Hopkins
  • Improved triage accuracy and consistency from 50-60% to 80-90%
  • Successful roll-out within individual Emergency Departments and multi-site Health Systems

Triage Acuity Assignment Substantially More Accurate Than Your Triage Care Team Alone

  • Breaks the logjam. Most E.D.’s triage 60–70% of their patients to Level 3, clogging the E.D.
  • Speed time-to-emergent-care for high-risk patients and fast track low-risk patients
  • Saves money — Annual cost savings of $750K per 60,000 E.D. visits

Seamless Integration

  • Integrates directly into your current EHR acuity section (e.g., Epic, Cerner)
  • No add-ons — no alerts— no additional keystrokes — no learning curve
  • Fast implementation — 3 weeks to go-live, 30 minutes of nurse familiarization

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How It Works

Once a nurse enters patient data TriageGO™ scans records of hundreds-of-thousands of anonymized E.D. visits to your facility and combines them with insights derived from millions of additional E.D. visits across other facilities using TriageGO™. Using AI pattern recognition it identifies groups of similarly presenting patients, their treatments and outcomes and makes a triage level recommendation (1-5).

It also provides some brief notes about the reason(s) for the recommendation. TriageGO™ recommends but never makes acuity assignments. The examining nurse enters the triage level (1–5) exactly as he/she has always done.

What People Are Saying

TriageGO™ as well as clinical judgment and experience made the perfect combination. The objective nature of the tool allows us to consider risk instead of resources. It has enhanced our practice and we now teach it exclusively to our new triage nurses.

Sophia Henry, MS, RNAdult E.D. Triage Coordinator, Large Academic Medical Center, Baltimore, MD

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